about us

What makes us different? We’re fully engaged in understanding the needs and wants of the market (the end buyers), and you – the dealer.

For more than 48 years, we’ve worked with truckers, dealers and suppliers to design and manufacture industry leading, rugged, dependable trailers. For example, our design and engineering department has developed and been awarded a patent on the fastest and easiest to load air-assisted detachable gooseneck trailer in the industry.

Many of our models are environmentally friendly, because our trailers use compressed air for ramps and tilting decks where others use hydraulics. Not only does that make our trailers more green; think of the time savings and less gear required by not using hydraulics. From the shop floor to management – we’re a team that works together to deliver the best equipment and value in the industry. Our sales and support team will bend over backwards to provide the support, training and sales materials you need to make a sale.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. Our employees are constantly working on improving the BWS product line.

Sure, our welders are CWB Certified, but we think of them as artisans, carefully crafting each trailer. It’s not only us. We’ve had dealers visiting our plant exclaim their surprise at the care and dedication our employees bring to the manufacturing process.