BWS bodies and trailers are engineered, designed and manufactured by BWS, located in Centreville, New Brunswick. It is a family owned and managed business that is dedicated and committed to delivering outstanding value. Its success is built on thinking like the customer and producing bodies and trailers that can be relied on year after year without fail.

With 3D technology, we work together to ensure the chassis and all the integrated components required are optimally configured to fit in the real estate available and also ensure the vehicle is always completed taking into consideration the vehicle components rated capacities and the regulated weight distribution in the geographical jurisdictions. The variations of the truck configurations are endless.

Originally BWS manufactured custom bodies and trailers with a focus on snow & ice, forestry and agriculture. Having built a solid reputation in this rough off-road industry and operating in the tough Canadian environment, BWS continues today to manufacture bodies and trailers that are designed to meet the customers’ expectations in the environments in which they operate. Hydraulic winches, cranes, bodies of all types, snow & ice controls, hydraulic operation packages, electronic control packages can all be integrated into the vehicle here at BWS Manufacturing Ltd.

With our Canadian Controlled Goods Certification, we are able to meet & exceed expectations for military vehicles configurations of all types from start to finish.

State the art paint facilities enable us to exercise our CARC paint qualifications on militarized trailers and integrated vehicles that can be up to 85 ft long and 12 ft wide. The employees of BWS are a dedicated workforce with a ‘craftsman’ mentality. Many of its senior people have past experience operating heavy equipment and this has resulted in their philosophy of putting themselves in the shoes of their customers. BWS relies heavily on feedback from both their dealers and their customers. We build what performs, not just what sells and that is what has contributed to significant growth throughout North America over the last several years.