While travelling throughout North America, our staff could not ignore a distinct miss in the industry.  Arriving at shows, our guys needed just a crane to set-up our trailers for show, while other companies employed several people to complete a day of hard manual labour.  This was, of course, removing and replacing the wheels on a forage harvester/chopper.  As the machines get larger and higher, the drivers are forced to remove the wheels of the equipment just to go down the road.

This was not acceptable to our staff and the concept was presented to our engineers.  They were challenged to provide a solution to the problem so many have on a daily basis, when moving this equipment from field to field.

Look no further than the ADG AGC.

ADG AGC is within our environmentally friendly line of patented air detachable trailers.  This will save time, cost, labour and possible disaster in an agriculture setting as hydraulics are, in no way introduced to the field.

Features & Benefits

  • Patented air mechanism.
  • Unique air assisted gooseneck and main deck.
  • Effortless, accelerated loading and unloading gooseneck remains unblocked on the tractor while loading/unloading.
  • Grease bank option available for easy maintenance.
  • More reliable and safe.
  • Air weigh system.
  • More efficient and productive.
  • Flip axle ready.
  • Easy maintenance, lower operating costs better built for the harsh environment.
  • Premium return on your investment.
  • Heightened safety for the operator.
  • Wide load lights.
  • Trailer deck 61.5″
  • Aluminum pullouts from 102″ wide for highway to 11′ for wide loads.
  • Loaded deck height of 20″
  • 8″/10″ in the wheel wells
  • 5 year structure warranty.
  • 3 year paint (Any custom colors are subject to a 1 year warranty only).
  • Grote Ultra Blue lighting system with 5 year warranty


ADG AGC Brochure [PDF]

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contact us, thank you, BWS, manuals, promos