Given all the same amenities and sought after features of the ADG, the ULP is saddled with the patented air mechanism.  This trailer features a unique detaching assistance to the main deck.  ADG models offer a practical combination of low operation cost and minimal environmental impact to give you an maximum return on investment.

Uniquely, the ULP model answers the call of the agriculture industry in allowing the lowest deck heights in the industry.  The ADG ULP has a loaded deck height of just 12″ with optional wheel wells that will drop the load a further 4″ to accommodate the growing size of farm machinery.

Features & Benefits

  • Patented air mechanism
  • Unique air assisted gooseneck and main deck
  • Effortless, accelerated loading and unloading gooseneck remains unblocked on the tractor while loading/unloading
  • Grease bank option available for easy maintenance
  • More reliable and safe
  • Air Weigh system
  • More efficient and productive
  • Easy maintenance, lower operating costs better built for the harsh environment
  • Superior long-lasting finish
  • Premium return on your investment
  • 5 year structure warranty
  • 3 year paint (Any custom colors are subject to a 1 year warranty only.)

ADG ULP Brochure [PDF]

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contact us, thank you, BWS, manuals, promos