Fire Safety

A fire can begin so quickly in one’s home or work place.   We tend to consider the flames to be the most dangerous part of a fire, but often forget how damaging the smoke can be! Your first pr read the full story..

Hot Work

Today we reached 966 days with no lost-time accidents! To celebrate this and also acknowledge our perfect safety record for the month of August, Mark provided coffee for this morning’s discussio read the full story..

Solar Eclipse – Eye Safety

Today is a special day, and while the subject content may not be entirely work-related, Mark wanted to address the solar eclipse taking place this afternoon.  Check in at 3:42 pm (AST) for the best v read the full story..

Gas Storage

This week Mark discussed the proper storage of gasses in the facility.  All compressed gasses are to be securely stored – never leave a compressed gas bottle free standing!  Further, inert gas read the full story..
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PPE in the Work Place

As Monday was a holiday here in New Brunswick, we kicked off the work week with a Tuesday morning safety talk on the importance of personal protective equipment!  While it is important to wear PPE in read the full story..
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This week Mark discussed Safety Data Sheets – in our industry, we follow the Globally Harmonized System.  GHS defines and classifies the hazards of chemical products, and communicates health and sa read the full story..


During this time of year, heat stress becomes a prevalent issue not only outdoors but in the workplace as well! As you go about your work day, please keep in mind the following heat stress symptoms: L read the full story..
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Mark chose to discuss eyewear safety in the workplace this past Monday, as this is a topic that is extremely important in our facility! To ensure safety in any work area, remember to check your work s read the full story..


This week Mark focused on the importance of safety awareness in the work place.  To sum up this week’s Safety Talk, our decisions at work directly affect those around us, a phenomenon otherwise kno read the full story..


As Mark was out this morning, Jeff took the floor to discuss the work places’ “Fatal Four.”  To demonstrate the dangers of the ‘Fatal Four,’ Jeff provided some statistics from 2014 read the full story..