Developed using the assistance of industry experts, this unit is designed to go to work and stay at work.  Very practical, very effective.

Features and Benefits

  • 30,000 lb Ridewell suspensions with check chains
  • Less downtime even in harsh conditions
  • Taper frame design allows for 40 cubic meters
  • Hi Lift axle allows for 12 to 14” of ground clearance
  • Certified air load binder
  • GPS ready
  • Front stake ladder
  • Top chain boxes
  • Splitter bunk with stakes and top chain anchors
  • Liquid filled load gauge
  • 100 KSI Grapple protector full length of the trailer
  • Corner protector on the front and rear of the bunks/skirts
  • Primary lift axles available
  • Available tank valve protector
  • Floating cross members and side rail
  • Crank landing gear on each side
  • Front glad hand protector
  • Control box protector
  • Optional toe eye
  • Superior baked finish
  • 5 year structure warranty
  • 3 year paint (Any custom colors are subject to a 1 year warranty only.)

NFLD Logger Brochure [PDF]

General Owners Operators Manual – viewing [PDF]

General Owners Operators Manual – print [PDF]