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Equipment Safety and Inspections

By July 3, 2018 Safety Blog

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Canada Day long weekend!  Mark started off the week with a great discussion on operator safety in regards to equipment inspections.

As an operator, you must:

  • Inspect equipment before operating the vehicle.  If equipment is used by more than one operator during a day ensure that the inspection are completed.
  • Operate equipment in accordance with the training received.

  • Do not operate if safety devices have been altered and been rendered ineffective.
  • Do not leave equipment such a forklift unattended unless you stop the engine, set the brakes, park on a level surface and lower the lifting mechanism to the floor.
  • Do not carry persons in mobile equipment unless the vehicle is designed to carry passengers.

  • Be mindful of pedestrians, other industrial lift trucks, vehicles, materials, etc.
  • remain at the controls at all times,
  • if operating an industrial lift truck with a forklift platform with an employee on the platform.
  • Keep all parts of your body inside the industrial lift truck when travelling; travel with the forks as low to the floor as possible; decrease speed around corners and sound the horn; and, travel in reverse when a load obstructs your vision.

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