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By February 27, 2017 Safety Blog

This morning was 770 days safe and, like every Monday, Mark spoke to the staff.  Today’s topic was regarding the dangers of objects and substances to your eyes in the workplace.  First and foremost, everybody needs to wear their safety glasses at all times and goggles or splash shield when handling chemicals.  Second line of defence is identifying the items in the individual’s work area that could pose a threat to their eyes.

Some notes to be on your mind:

  • The first ten seconds are critical.
  • The person that has incurred the injury will involuntarily have their eye lids clamp shut.
  • They will need help to get to an eyewash station.
  • Leading someone to the eyewash station is best accomplished with 2 people leading under the arm for guidance.
  • All by-standers clear a path to the involved can make their way to the wash station as quickly as possible.

CAUTION: Using the hand that may have caused the incident to hold the eye open, can cause a problem.  Make certain there is nothing on the hand before holding the eye for flushing.

A FULL 15 minute flush is recommended by ANSI guidelines before seeking further medical attention.

We have multiple eye wash stations in obvious places in the various buildings throughout the plant, but this is one that is centrally located in the first aid room of the main factory.

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