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Graduates – Mig Welding Production Program August 2022

By August 22, 2022 Our People
You’re looking at 7 new graduates of the NBCC Mig Welding Production Program! Congratulations to all!!

23% of current employees at BWS are grads of the Mig Welding Program. 5 grads of this cohort have accepted jobs at BWS, welcome to the team!

The Graduation took place at the Western Valley Multiplex with family, friends, and partners of the program. We also had a special guest from the Woodstock Police Force attend: Cst. Derrah. The police force reached out to BWS asking for assistance in building breach equipment. In return, the force kindly donated a welding helmet which was awarded at the ceremony.
As usual, thank you to our partners of the program. NBCC,ย  Opportunities NB, andย  Government of New Brunswick

Photos were taken by Ebony Scott ๐Ÿ“ธ

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