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By September 11, 2017 Safety Blog

Today we reached 966 days with no lost-time accidents! To celebrate this and also acknowledge our perfect safety record for the month of August, Mark provided coffee for this morning’s discussion. Mark’s topic was one that is very relevant in our factory: heat. In a welding shop such as ours, an obvious element of the work is heat. Although there are few options to remedy this aspect of a welding position, there are certain things every welder should be aware of while this task is being performed to ensure their safety:

1. Be aware of oily rags or combustible items in your work space and move them if you do notice their presence.

2. Familiarize yourself with the location of the closest fire extinguisher and ensure it is ready to use if necessary.

3. Perform a 360-degree inspection to see if there is anything smouldering before you leave your work area.

4. Be wary of where your sparks are landing, as all welding, grinding, plasma cutting and buffing emit sparks.

5. Proper maintenance of the equipment in use will help prevent heat-related accidents.

So, to all the welders out there, please keep these points in mind as you work! Have a good day and a safe week.

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