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So, we had to hold off on the celebrations of NAOSH week for a little bit because sometimes it is hard to get everybody in the same place at the same time.  But on May 16th, we managed to gather the staff together at lunch time and do what it is that we do best – eat!

Of course, there was a bulletin posted throughout the factory to let everybody know that chow time was happening and where.  That’s important!

We were celebrating 2 years PLUS 100 days – that’s 830 days without a lost time accident!

We had a birthday in-house, so Paul made sure to not break tradition and sing Happy Birthday to Charlie, from our sales team.  It is the highlight of a day when we have a birthday and you hear him get on the intercom and say, “Can I have your attention please…”  Well, on this day, Charlie got his song in person and with the group!

Charlie guest, birthday. 50

Uh oh, secret is out – it’s Charlie’s birthday!

happy birthday

Happy Birthday Charlie, from Paul!


Gary Thomas, burger chef

Chef Gary

Iris ‘tends the fire’ with Ronnie to get the burgers to the table.

While everyone was rounding their second plate, Mark spoke and let everybody know about the safety numbers they had achieved, as well as the quality benchmarks being set.  Randy then spoke on the subject as BWS is seeing this safety performance for the first time in history.

Randy McDougall

Randy speaks to the staff about the great job they are doing to keep each other safe.

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