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Safety Pizza

By May 2, 2016 Our People

Our employees have reached something amazing, 465 days without a lost-time accident.  We are proud of our staff for keeping themselves and one another safe.  Once a week, they all meet to have a Toolbox Talk about a selected topic that could pose a danger to some or all of them.  Our own Mark Reid, prepares the content for these talks and delivers the information as it applies specifically to their job.

When we reached 100 days the first time, we had a BBQ but thought a good ole pizza party would be fun this time. At 12pm, the staff started to line up toward the cafeteria and were met with a 20’ row of different pizza varieties and garlic fingers.

Congratulations to all the employees at BWS. 465 days ‘No Lost Time Injury’ is a major accomplishment. Pizza & Pop may not be the best diet, but it’s a great excuse to get all our employees together around the table.
Randy McDougall, president/CEO

Each week, you can visit our Safety Blog to see the tips that Safety Mark has given to our staff to keep them safer through the work day.

As part of our ever growing safety record we took time to celebrate with Pizza and Pop for all. Together we create a world class product with world class employees. Congratulations BWS on 465 days with no lost time injury.
Mark Reid, Quality Manger


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