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This week, I met with the staff to talk about the changes that will start to be seen on packaging and hazardous materials that are being implemented by WHMIS.  New and simplified symbols have been introduced to replace the ones previously used.  These are not all-together different in nature but have evolved to be more global in nature.

We noted the some symbols were the same shape but made solid, rather than a simple outline to increase visibility from afar.  Rather than a circle configuration that is used on many logos, they have moved to a diamond shape that is more common in the safety world, like in the use of road signs and such.    We also noted that all symbols are mono chromatic, as to become a united image for people that may be colour blind and unable to see the red that once existed as part of the symbol.

For more information on this program, go to

To download the poster with the new symbols to keep yourself or your staff informed, click on

This entire initiative is to migrate toward alignment with the GHS for use with globally recognized symbols that will effectively transcend language.

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