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Safety Talk – Fatal Four

By June 10, 2019 Safety Blog

The Fatal Four was our topic this week at out Safety Talk meeting. The Fatal Four account for more workplace fatalities than any other type of incident. Consequently, these are the most deadly incidents in the workplace industry.

Fatal Four categories:

  • Falls
    Main Cause: Not wearing a a safety harness.
    Prevention tip: Train employees to use fall arrest systems, safety nets, restraint systems and other fall protection devices.


  • Electrocutions
    Contact with energized sources.
    Prevention tip: Identify all electrical hazards on-site and clearly label with warning signs.


  • Struck By Object
    Main Cause: Rolling, falling, flying objects.
    Prevention tip: Ensure employees are never positioned between moving and fixed objects.


  • Caught In or Between
    Main Cause: Moving machinery and tools as well as loose clothing.
    Prevention tip:  Remain aware of moving equipment at all times and be sure not to wear loose clothing that could tangle in moving parts.

In conclusion, the best way to prevent workplace accidents and save lives involves well-planned safety protocols, safety training and using PPE consistently.

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