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By August 3, 2017 Our People

As per the usual around here. We start and end everything with a good meal.


Ronnie & Gary keep the grill under control.

Just couldn’t bare to have the staff leave on a week of vacation without making sure their bellies were full first.


A few early birds to the bbq.

Hannah getting a few pictures for Instagram.

Gary may be the product specialist on the road…but here, he’s the grill master!

As you may have seen on facebook, we had shipping going until the very last minute of the day…and even one dump trailer about an hour after. Well, it didn’t seem right that those drivers were out there about to eat a peanut butter sandwich while we were having steak.  So, like any family gathering, a little room was made at the table because a few more are always welcome here.

Aaron’s vacation shirt. There is no way we could make a post and NOT include this shirt!

Randy, President/CEO, spoke to the staff about relaxing over the week off and told them that how proud and impressed he was in regard to the safety practices being used – not to mention the record of 920 days! So rather than our regular BBQ of hot dogs, sausage and hamburgers, there was steak new potatoes (prize possession in this area) and all the macaroni salads you could imagine. We should mention that Mountain View Packers donated the potatoes for the meal to congratulate our guys and gals for the safety record.

Randy letting everybody know there was plenty more food and NOT to go home hungry!

Now, in order to commemorate a great summer break, our safety record and our 50th Anniversary, everyone was given a new 50th Anniversary t-shirt on the way out the door. And one more order of business, it was Heather’s birthday. She thought she would get through lunch without anybody knowing…but that isn’t how we operate. If one of us knows, all of us know! Since our designated birthday singer, Paul, was in the middle of his meal, we thought it best that everybody join in!

Heather, the birthday girl, is outted!

Nathan, long time welder at the beam station.


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