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Staff Spotlight: Scott Broad

By May 29, 2018 Our People

Our Staff Spotlight this month coincides with the release of our newest product, our first-ever Live Bottom belt trailer!  Our team has worked tirelessly to bring this aggregate trailer to life.  Therefore, it only seems fit to shed some light on one of the talented staff members who worked closely with our first Live Bottom: Scott Broad.

Scott has worked at BWS as a Finish Off Technician for eight years, gaining experience with many of our products.  Throughout those eight years, Scott has been present for many changes have taken place within BWS as well.  For example, he saw first and foremost the impact the acquisition of our new factory space had on the company.  This change, Scott believes, improved the flow of the Finish Off Shop in particular because of the new freedom of mobility “up the hill” (our nickname for our original facility space on Montana Street).  It was an added bonus to have more work space while the company expanded, which essentially led to the growth of BWS’s product lines.  Of the multiple product lines we manufacture, Scott’s favorites to work on “would have to be logging trailers and steer axles” because of the challenges they pose when it comes time to wire them and complete the manufacturing process.  More than anything, Scott says, a challenge is what makes work fun!

When Scott isn’t working, he enjoys ski-dooing, playing hockey, hunting and spending time with his children.  His paternal qualities are apparent to those who work closely with him: Scott’s colleagues agree that he has a great talent for teaching.  Many new employees beginning at the Finish Off Shop will spend time with Scott as part of their training.  He certainly has gained a reputation as a friendly, patient and skilled instructor for those learning how to wire our trailers!

When he isn’t training new employees, Scott works efficiently either by himself or in a group.  He consistently completes jobs under the budgeted hours assigned to that job, displaying a great work ethic.  On top of that, Scott is always willing to lend a helping hand around the Finish Off Shop.

Scott, BWS values your hard work and your contribution to our new product lines!  Thank you.

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