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Summer Shut Down BBQ 2018

IN Our People

Last week, we had another successful summer shut down BBQ for our staff!  Each year we take vacation during the last week of July.  Our team works hard each and every day, so why not enjoy this beautiful New Brunswick weather? With many new projects under way, our staff have…

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IN Our People

As per the usual around here. We start and end everything with a good meal. Just couldn’t bare to have the staff leave on a week of vacation without making sure their bellies were full first. As you may have seen on facebook, we had shipping going until the very…

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IN Safety Blog

So, we had to hold off on the celebrations of NAOSH week for a little bit because sometimes it is hard to get everybody in the same place at the same time.  But on May 16th, we managed to gather the staff together at lunch time and do what it…

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