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By July 11, 2016 Safety Blog

In a different angle on safety, Mark approached it the Safety Talk as an equation for safety.  Providing the actual value of the equipment being used.  But that isn’t the core value he was driving.


The smoke nozzle on a whip has a cost of $58 to replace.  But the risk is far greater than monetary.  If damaged, the user could suffer a burn or damage to his/her lungs from improper ventilation.  This could result in lost time from work for that person and a significant risk the their health and safety.


Mark & Todd set up for the morning Safety Talk.

The handle of a whip is double insulated for safety from a burn and/or electrical shock.  To replace the part is $85.  That is immaterial when you think of the injury that could possibly be incurred if the integrity of this part is compromised with misuse.


A bessie clamp that costs just $82 to replace will lose tension when dropped or overstretched beyond capacity and could then put the user at risk of a very heavy object being dropped.


And angle grinder is housed with a double insulated hi intensity plastic.  Replacement of the unit is $250, but dropping the unit could crack the case and expose the user to 110V of electricity.


These are all injuries we don’t want to see anyone incur.  Mark wanted to make us clear that keeping you equipment in good condition is an investment in their own health and safety.   As usual, the staff were encouraged to bring up any safety hazard they notice, however small, so that it may be remedied and prevent any possible injury to the another co-worker.

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