A practical combination of low operation cost and minimal environmental impact.

35 to 50 Ton 
48 to 53 ft. Lengths
2 – 3 – 4 Axles


Air Ride Suspensions with Dump Valve and Air Gauge
¾ in. wall rated at 25,000 lbs Capacity
Spring Brakes on all Axles

Softwood on Gooseneck
Hardwood outside Main Beams
Softwood inside Main Beams 
Softwood on Rear Bridge

Gooseneck, Mechanical or Hydraulic Detachable (Non Ground Bearing) and Air Detachable (Ground Bearing)

All Wiring and Hosing are secured through
Rubber Grommets to protect from Chaffing

13 in. to 22 in. Deck Heights
24 ft. to 34 ft. Fixed Deck
Extendable Deck up to 50 ft. 
Multiple Deck Widths

Interchangeable Neck
Extensions and Axle Extensions

Transition Ramps available


Air, Mechanical or
Hydraulic Detachable

Decks Lengths range from
24 ft. 6 in. to 34 ft.

Deck Heights range from
13 in. to 22 in.

Multiple Widths available
from 102 in. to 120 in.

Optional Flip Axle

Flip Extension Capable for Single Axle Jeep

Toolbox located in Deck

Load Securement, D Rings, Chain Pullouts in floor, Outriggers (Swing-out or AG style Pull-out tray), Winches

Wide Load Options Strobes, Wide Load Lights, D Sign, Flag Holders

Apitong Decking