Our tag trailer is ideal for those 
looking for an effortless and accelerated 
loading and unloading process.

20 Ton (2 Axles), 
25 Ton and 30 Ton Payload (3 Axles)


All Axles come with ¾ in. Wall with a 25,000 lbs
Rated Capacity and Spring Brakes on all Axles

Tilt or Non Tilting Deck

Beavertail or no Beavertail

Manual, Air or no Ramps,
Wood filled or self cleaning

Load Securement D Rings and Storage box
with Cover, integrated into a Frame

Hardwood or Apitong Decking
Bolted, not screwed to the Cross Members

All Wiring and Hosing are secured through 
Rubber Grommets to protect from Chaffing


Optional Lengths 
and Widths available

Air Ride

Tire size 17.5
to 22.5

Lift Axle

Tilt, Non Tilt Deck

Beavertail: planked
or self cleaning

Load Securement, D Rings, Chain Pullouts in floor,
Outriggers (Swing-out or AG style Pull-out tray), Winches

4 Bag Tilting Option available for
loading multiple pieces of equipment

Air or Manual Ramp, planked or self cleaning
with multiple Lengths and Widths available

Aluminum Rims

Coating Options: Zinc Primer or
Galvanize and Color Options available

Apitong Decking