Trailer Overview

This mechanical version of our ultra low pro will make transporting your agricultural equipment easier than ever. The patented air stinger and adjustable ride heights with the gooseneck and suspension are two of the highlights with this model, not to mention the 12” loaded height on the deck and 11” loaded height on the pullouts! Another bonus: this flatbed trailer requires no messy hydraulics.

Models / Specs / Options


  • Overall length of 48 feet
  • Overall width of 102 inches
  • Two axles of 25,000 lb capacity, with large inner and outer oil bath bearings and a ¾ inch wall
  • Ridewell RAR 260 suspension, 1 wishbone and 1 underslung, air ride 25,000 lbs with adjustable ride height - includes air gauge and dump valve
  • Floor of 1 ⅛ inch shiplapped apitong/keruing outside on main deck, and 1 ⅛ inch shiplapped softwood between beams
  • Preparation for finish by steel shot blast, commercial/industrial topcoat, and oven baked
  • Our standard colour is black

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