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Back Pain

By November 14, 2017 Safety Blog

Welcome back after a long weekend!  Today we held our “Monday morning” safety talk on a Tuesday due to the holiday yesterday.  This week, Mark addressed a very common issue in the workplace:  back pain.

Mark listed some of the “Do’s” and “Dont’s” for lifting in the work place in his talk today.  Some actions you should avoid when lifting are:

  1. Lifting bulky loads alone
  2. Twisting when lifting
  3. Using only your back strength when lifting
  4. Lifting loads that are too heavy

Alternatively, here are some easy steps one can follow to avoid back injuries at work:

  1. Lift as a team
  2. Turn with the legs instead of your torso
  3. Lift with your leg strength instead of your back strength
  4. Use equipment when necessary – this will save your back from injury!

Have a safe work week everyone!

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