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Busy Times and Increased Risk

By March 12, 2018 Safety Blog

We are happy to say things have been busy at BWS in the past few weeks with many new projects under way!   Consequently, our staff might perform tasks they don’t normally perform, such as accessing materials on racks, and work in areas of the plant where they don’t normally work.

Many new staff have joined our team in recent weeks

Because of these changes and the unfamiliarity in new tasks, hazards may present themselves. Before engaging in unfamiliar tasks and territories, it is important to consider safety risks. Please read below for some examples.

  • Techniques for counting and identification of materials stored on racks should be explained:
    • Under no circumstances is anyone to climb on racks or stand atop a forklift.
    • Ladders must be used and used safely .
    • Proper lifting techniques must be used. Where needed, workers should work in pairs or use a forklift or crane.
    • Workers should be cautioned that material handling, especially steel parts and chemicals, can lead to hand injuries. Workers must use proper  hand protection. Workers should be warned not to go into areas they don’t belong; they may be unaware of the hazards. Workers should understand that they must wear safety glasses, as always, in all areas of the plant – NO exceptions.


Mark highlighting the risks of new tasks and new environments

  • Be alert. When you let your guard down, hazards may go unnoticed.
  • Busy times can be a gold mine for companies – or a landmine for safety issues.
  • Clean your work area.  This is a great chance to uncover hazards that have been lurking beneath the surface throughout the year, such as unlabeled chemicals, worn or broken fixtures, extension cords, etc.

In conclusion, it may seem overwhelming during busy periods.  If you are new in your position or are unfamiliar with your work surroundings, take your time and consider all safety precautions.  Busy times can be a great tool for companies to expand their safety programs and really evaluate existing procedures.  Have a safe and happy week, everyone!

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