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By June 14, 2016 Safety Blog

Forklift load center was the topic of conversation for the staff this morning.  Optimizing the exact point where a load should be placed and carried can ultimately, provide a much safer experience for the operator and the staff around them.


First point was that the maximum rating on a forklift is the amount it will lift.  This is inaccurate.    If the load is not placed correctly, on the tines, this will change the rating and lowered.   A simple adjustment of 4” will change the load rating by 500lbs.  When using a lift


Mark draws attention to his assistant.

truck, it is always wise to keep the load closest to the truck as possible.   Mark urged the staff to take into consideration the terrain they will have to move over as this will greatly impact the load center and introduce the possibility of a tip over situation.


Mark show’s the staff how to centre a load using a visual aid.


  • Center the load as much as possible.  If an off center load must be moved place portion of the load closest to the front wheels.
  • Never overload your forklift.
  • Make certain you are completely stopped before raising or lowering the forks.
  • Never tilt the load forward wile in motion.
  • Make sure the weight of the load is centered between the forks.  Forks are adjustable.


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