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Fire Extinguishers

By January 30, 2018 Safety Blog

This week we changed things up and had a new speaker – Abby Derrah!

Abby explaining the best use of fire extinguishers

By law, fire extinguishers must be regularly inspected.  National Fire Protection Association code 25 requires hydro-static testing every twelve months for ABC dry chemical extinguishers.  Further, these fire extinguishers must be recharged every six years.

Our team gathering before our Safety Talk

After hydro-static testing, the fire protection technician must attach a label to the fire extinguisher.  This label will identify the month, year, test pressure used and the name of the fire protection service company.

If you would like to read more about fire extinguisher upkeep and operation, please follow the link to the National Fire Protection Association’s website:

Our team listening in

At BWS, we take fire protection very seriously.  You may notice Mark has spoken on this subject multiple times in the past – we believe frequent conversations regarding fire protection is one of the best ways to keep it in our minds!  Fire can affect any of us, so it never hurts to stay aware.

Have a safe and happy work week, everyone!  Thank you, Abby, for your input.

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