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Forklift Awareness

By February 5, 2018 Safety Blog

It’s Safety Monday again!  This week Jeff helped deliver our safety message: forklift awareness.

Jeff hosts our Safety Talk

For the BWS team, this was a relevant issue  to discuss.  Not only are forklifts used regularly in our facility, but statistically speaking, they have had a large impact on North Americans in the work place.  In Canada and the U.S., there are 85 fatalities each year involving a lift truck, and over 35,000 injuries.

The BWS Team

We often stress the importance of communication in our facility.  Namely, always make eye contact with a forklift operator before approaching the truck to ensure they know you are there.  Some additional guidelines used here are as follows:

  1. Make yourself aware of forklift traffic in your area
  2. Always yield the right of way to a forklift – it is sometimes difficult for the driver to see those in front of them
  3. Be cautious when crossing a forklift’s designated pathway
  4. Always remember that forklifts steer at the rear; unlike a car, the back end can swing quite quickly

One of the many forklift lanes in our facility

If you would like access to more information on forklifts, inspections, and safety, please visit

With that said, have a safe and happy work week everyone!

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