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Graduates – Mig Welding Production Program May 2022

By May 16, 2022 Our People

On Friday May 13, we celebrated MORE graduates of the Mig Welding Production Program.ย This concludes the 5th cohort of students. Congratulations to all who graduated!

We are excited that we were able to hold the event at the Western Valley Multiplex. The venue is lovely and without covid restrictions, students were able to gather with friends and family.

For the last 12 weeks, students have learned a technical understanding of arc welding, welding safety, power sources, and more. The course concentrates on MIG welding of Steel/Aluminum and offers onsite work and training here at BWS.

Charlie Guest spoke to the crowd about how important this program has become to not only the students but to local businesses as well.ย  So far, BWS has hired 13 full-time welders from this program which has significantly helped out our company that continues to grow.

We had a unique student this time around: Gus Briggs. Gus has worked with several high schools in the region as a Trades Teacher. With a background in woodworking, Gus enrolled in the Mig Welding Program to get a better understanding of Welding and to further educate the students he works with.

BWS along with our partners continue to see success in this program. Thank you to NBCC, Opportunities NB, Working NB for making this program possible.

Graduates pose with instructor: Dan Brewster


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