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By July 19, 2016 Safety Blog

Since even Canada is heating up right now, Mark took the staff aside to talk about the dangers of working in the heat and how to avoid any health issues from it.

Mark advised everyone of the following tips:

  • Wear light, loose fitting clothing as they absorb less heat from the sun.
  • Drink small amounts of ware frequently.
  • Avoid coffee and teas, as well as any other beverage with can be a diuretic.
  • Avoid eating hot/heavy meals that will increase your body temperature.

Remember, there are other things that could make you more susceptible to heat stress.  Age, weight, fitness, heal conditions like heart disease of high blood pressure, recent illness and even medications are all addition things that may make a person vulnerable in the heat.

Click here to see symptoms of heat exhaustion

Please be careful and safe this summer.


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