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Ladder safety at work

By May 14, 2018 Safety Blog

We hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend!  This morning at our weekly Safety Meeting, Mark’s topic of discussion was ladder safety.  Whether you’re using a ladder at home or at your place of work, there are some important things to remember before climbing up.

A standard ladder used in our facility

To help clarify the proper use of these types of ladders, Mark presented a simple list of ladder “Do’s” and “Dont’s.”


  • Center your body on the ladder and keep your belt buckles between the rails when stopped
  • Wear non-slip shoes
  • Climb facing the ladder
  • Move materials with caution while using the ladder
  • Follow all ladder instructions and warnings

Read all labels and warnings before mounting


  • Climb a closed step ladder
  • Stand on the top rung of the ladder
  • Have anyone toss materials up to you while on a ladder – always step down off the ladder to get materials
  • Over-reach or lean too much
  • Exceed the maximum load amount specified on the instructions


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