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Listening with the Eyes

By January 22, 2018 Safety Blog

Do you consider yourself a visual person?  You are not alone in this.  Many people filter information better by seeing it displayed rather than reading or hearing it spoken.

Mark hosts Monday morning Safety talk each week

At BWS and elsewhere, new employees and students enter the work force daily.  Here, we speak to all our staff about safety and the risks involved in each position.  Even still, we ask ourselves the following questions:  How do they really learn?  How much can an individual really retain during a brief introduction to safety?

Often times the answer is simple.  While we strive to provide the most effective and detailed training orientation, people (generally speaking) learn best by watching others.

Our team listening in on Mark’s discussion

With that said, Mark’s message to our team this morning was to be aware of who is watching; bad habits can easily be adopted if it is part of the corporate culture.  When you work safe, those around you often work safe as well.  That is the best way to ensure safe habits are adopted by all!

We hope these tips were useful.  Have a safe and happy week everyone!

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