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By May 16, 2017 Safety Blog

BWS was invited, along with many other local employers to kick off NAOSH Week with an informative breakfast.  This is an activity after own own hearts, we celebrate everything over a meal!

The way all good events start – FOOD!  We all got a lovely breakfast put on by the Woodstock Legion.  Then got down to business – safety.  The theme for this week is Make Safety A Habit.  Our Quality & Compliance Manager, Mark Reid was asked to speak about making safety a habit in the workplace.  And some of the things BWS does, to make sure our guys and gals stay as safe as possible.

At BWS, we have a Zero Tolerance Policy.  Mark explains our interpretation of this wording.

During breakfast, Mark spoke about different things that we do in-house that help support our safety program.  There is a Safety Stop light at the front of the building to let visitors and staff know about the Safety Status that day.

At the end of the breakfast, Worksafe NB presented Mark with NAOSH flash(which is now proudly flown over our safety sign) and tiny wooden forklift.

If you would like to download Mark’s full presentation, click here.[PDF]

NAOSH, flag, safety

Flag presented to Mark at the NAOSH Breakfast.

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