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By June 21, 2016 Safety Blog

Hearing and noise levels were the topic of conversation on the BWS shop floor this morning.  Making the staff aware of the different noise levels and the potential dangers of them was the goal.  Even though your day-to-day may not be noisy and require protection, certain tasks may.


While the BWS factory never actually reaches a high decibel level, Mark made them aware of some tasks that could potentially generate high decibel levels and, therefor ear protection should be considered when preparing for such tasks.  Even though we do not exceed hazardous levels, our staff still have ear protection available to them in the parts room.  To further this effort, BWS offers a program for people that require molded ear protection.


Click here to see a visual representation of different noise levels and where they fall in the path to hearing damage:

In our area, staff can go to Ritcey Hearing for help with any of these issues, questions or concerns.

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