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By April 10, 2017 Safety Blog

This week during the Safety Talk, Mark took a bit of a different approach.  We had a number of new staff join our team today, so he thought it best to go over some general housekeeping information to remind our staff and educate the new people.

He went over the evacuation plan, our safety light out front, designated smoking areas and clean up practices in the factory.


Along with the safety information on Monday mornings, Mark has also been speaking about quality in every job and make sure that each step is done correctly.  Our focus today was making sure that they next step has all the information you do make certain they are able to properly perform their portion of the task.



  • Your job matters!
  • The quality of work is just as important as the quantity of work.
  • Do your best to pass quality on to the next step in the process.
  • Your contribution to quality is equally important, no matter if you are picking parts, working in the machine shop, welding, painting or placing decals.
  • You affect the next

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