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By May 31, 2016 Safety Blog

This morning, knowing our ladies and gentlemen have been working hard and putting in a lot of hours, Safety Mark took them aside for a few minutes to talk about stress.  This was not positioned simply as a work issue, but as an overall topic.

Stress can cause anything from mild anxiety, to nausea, anger at unexplained times and a feeling of helplessness.  The symptoms of stress were talked about and he emphasized that the combination of home and work stress can be toxic to a person’s well being.  This will debilitate people and make it seem like the they are helpless.  Fortunately, at BWS, all of our staff have access to a wonderful EAP for mental health services.  The staff were reminded of the number, the web site and the app available for mobile devices AdobeStock_86360334_stress and reminded that this is FREE to them with their group health insurance and is also completely confidential.  Counsellors from all over Canada are offered via phone, video conference and even local support for one-on-one conversation, if needed.

Keeping everybody healthy in all capacities is important to all aspects of the business.  Less sick time, fewer disagreements and more pleasant work environment, in general are the pay offs to keeping mental health and stress under control.


  • Breathing exercises
  • Make time for yourself
  • Physical exercise
  • Engross yourself in a hobby
  • Meditation
  • Less screen time

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