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By July 18, 2017 Safety Blog

This week Mark discussed Safety Data Sheets – in our industry, we follow the Globally Harmonized System.  GHS defines and classifies the hazards of chemical products, and communicates health and safety information on labels and the data sheets mentioned previously.   Canada transitioned to this system because world markets had several ways of formatting this information. Safety Data Sheets now share common sections included in international markets and safety pictograms to ensure that in an emergency situation, one can easily refer to another market’s standards and measurements.

SDS, safety

All SDS relevant to each area are kept to ensure staff are able to look up the correct information in the case of an incident with a dangerous material.

SDS, MSDS, safety

All of our SDS binders are stored in a public location and clearly marked for the area in which it applies.


GHS, symbols, SDS

Here at BWS Manufacturing Ltd., we store SDS in each area of the shop as it applies – for example, there is a book in the welding gas area which pertains to welding gasses only. Our maintenance room is provided with a book that addresses only the chemicals found in that area. Further, the parts room has a book which entails only WHMIS controlled chemicals.  This method of organization makes finding the sheets very easy when necessary!


Below are the GHS symbols you may recognise from products in your workplace or home.

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