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Safety Talk: Forklifts & Pedestrians

By November 26, 2018 Safety Blog

At BWS, we use forklifts on a regular basis to move materials both within our buildings and between our main facility, paint facility and our finish off facility.  Although they are a great tool for parts transportation, their safety risks should also be addressed before introducing them at any work place.

In North America each year there are 85 fatalities involving a lift truck and 35,000 serious injuries.  20% of those injuries are involve some getting stuck by a forklift.  To diminish possible injury caused by forklifts, here are some safety tips to remember:

  • Always be aware of forklift traffic in your area
  • Always make eye contact with a forklift operator BEFORE you approach the truck to ensure they know you are there
  • Always yield the right of way to a forklift (unlike a car, they can not always see you)
  • Be extra careful when crossing or walking near the forklift designated pathways
  • Always remember that a forklift steers at the rear – unlike a car, the back end can swing around quite quickly so maintain a good distance when a forklift is in motion

We hope these tips will be as useful in your workplace as they are in ours!  Have a safe week everyone.

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