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Safety Talk – Hand Tools

By December 10, 2018 Safety Blog

How often do you use hand tools at work?  At BWS, hand tools are a part of our daily routine and sometimes, we need refreshers on how to safely use them!

This morning at our Safety Talk, Jeff laid out some basic rules and reminders to keep in mind while using hand tools at work:

  • Ensure proper training has been completed before using hand tools;
  • Carry out routine inspections on all hand tools – if something is damage, repair it before using;

  • Do not apply excessive force while using hand tools;
  • Do not leave tools lying in elevated areas unsecured;
  • Do not wear bulky gloves while using hand tools;

  • Do not cut towards yourself while using a sharp hand tool;
  • Wear safety glasses or face shields depending on the type of tool you are using.

Have a safe week, everyone!

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