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Safety Talk – One Deadly Notification

By April 29, 2019 Safety Blog

In 2019, the number of cell phone users will reach the five billion mark. Today at our Safety Talk, we discussed Cell Phones.

Answering calls, responding to text messages, listening to voicemails, or checking social media notifications are all distractions. All of these could result in a serious work place accident.

  • Cell phones are the primary cause of distracted driving. Using them while operating ANY vehicle is illegal, unsafe, and prohibited.
  • While operating machinery, employees must be alert and concentrated on their job. Cell phone distractions could cause a serious injury.
  • Productivity is not a direct safety hazard but it should be a concern. Lack of focus because of cell phone distractions effects safety as well as productivity.
  • Privacy issues are a concern that is easily overlooked. Cell phones can photograph and communicate personal information that may compromise the company and the employees.

    All employers have different Cell Phone Policies. Always make sure YOU know and understand the policy at YOUR work place.

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