Safety Talk – Short – Cuts

By April 15, 2019 Safety Blog

At our weekly Safety Talk, we discussed “short-cuts” at work. Sometimes when in a hurry, nothing bad happens or there may be a “near miss”. However, a serious injury will eventually occur. No matter how busy the work place pressure is, NEVER take a short-cut.

  • Used the wrong ladder because the proper one was too far away.
  • Climbed a ladder with tools stuck in your pocket, or in your hand, because you didn’t have a tool belt.
  • Used a dull saw blade for just one more cut.

The list is endless. Saving a few minutes is not worth the risk of injuring yourself or any co-workers.

When hurrying on the job, you don’t speed up work flow, you are only speeding up the chances of a serious accident. 

Have a safe week everybody!

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