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By April 18, 2016 Safety Blog


5. Dust and fume are present in the factory.
4. In our environment, metal is being worked, ground and welded. This can cause shards to stray from the work station.
3. Our safety glasses have a degree of UV coating to help prevent welder’s flash from a distance.
2. Having prescription pair allows for a perfect fit and increased comfort during the workday.
1. They look super cool!

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During the weekly safety talk, I brought up possible hazards in the work place to make people new to the plant more aware. This also helps a reminder of the dangers in the workplace as it becomes ‘old hat’ to long time employees and we don’t ever want people to forget about their safety. During our talk this morning, I reiterated the designated places where safety glasses need to be worn at all times to make certain there were no grey areas in this conversation.

At BWS, we take this rule very seriously and there is a zero tolerance policy in effect, in the way of safety eye-wear.

Have a safe week everyone,
Safety Mark

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