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By December 29, 2016 Our People

On December 23rd, as usual, the BWS family gathers to have a Christmas dinner together before we head out to be with or families.  The meal was fantastic and plenty to go around.

During this gathering, we also take the opportunity to present our employees with any service awards that have been earned within that 2016 work year.  And this time, we have a lot to present.

Receiving a 5 year service award: Ron Foster, Kevin Prosser, Michael Bowmaster, Scott Broad, James Crawford, Shawn Nicholson, Charles Guest and Jesse Kilcollins

Mike Bowmaster: 5 years service

Scott Broad: 5 years service

James Crawford: 5 years service

Charlie Guest: 5 years service

Ron Foster: 5 years service

Jesse Kilcollins: 5 years service

Shawn Nicholson: 5 years service

Kevin Prosser: 5 years service

Receiving a 10 year service award: Tyler Nicholson, Brent Taylor, Brian Keenan, Glendon Findlater and Jamie Smith

Glendon Findlater: 10 years service

Brian Keenan: 10 yeas service

Tyler Nicholson: 10 years service

Jamie Smith: 10 years service

Brent Taylor: 10 years service

The only person to receive a 20 year service award this year was Ronnie Shaw.

Ronnie Shaw: 20 years service

Two service awards were presented for 30 years; Sidney Cullins and Lester Brooker.

Sydney Cullins: 30 years service

Lester Brooker: 30 years service

And the highest service award ever presented by BWS was given to Sheila Piper with 40 years service.  Sheila is the longest uninterrupted staff member that BWS has ever had and, in the words of Randy McDougall, President/CEO, “And that includes both myself and my father!”

On that note, Randy and Hannah wished all a wonderful holiday and congratulated our service award recipients as we shut down to relax and enjoy our families at this time of the year.

Service Award recipients 2016

Congratulations to all the service award recipients!

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