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Staff Spotlight: Gary Thomas

By July 27, 2018 Our People

With over 50 years under our belt, BWS Manufacturing Ltd. owes its success not only to the products we sell, but to the people who helped make them.  One constant figure in our company’s history is our Product Specialist, Gary Thomas.  Gary has worked at BWS for over 30 years and has left a massive imprint on the culture of our company.

Randy McDougall (L) and Gary (R) receiving a service award in 2015

When Gary began working at BWS, there were about 20 employees.  Today, we employ over 130 individuals and have almost that many trailer models.  Early on, we were manufacturing two to three units a week, and now we do more than that a day.  In accommodating this growth, Gary has been present for our expansion into new buildings and facilities.  He witnessed the addition of an automatic beam welder, new finish off facilities, paint facilities, bake ovens, tire shops and warehouses.

Gary and Randy attending Toronto Truck World 2018

Gary saw BWS become CWB certified in the 1990’s and ISO certified in recent years.  Our dealer network has grown from a small, Atlantic Canadian base, to a Canada-wide, U.S. based network throughout Gary’s time here.

Before Gary began working with the founder and original owner, Burney MacDougall, he was employed as a Carrier/Operator.  Commenting on this position in relation to his career at BWS, he states: “trucking helped me see the things that trailers needed and what operators needed as well…Customer service and the industry changes all the time and we need to listen to our customers to give them what works for them – this has been one of my priorities.”

In addition to helping our customers, Gary finds the most enjoyable part of his position the people that he works with, and the pride that comes with manufacturing our products.

As many in our local community know, Gary spent 25 years on Centreville’s village council with 10 of them acting as mayor.  He maintains, “BWS has always been a contributor and supporter to the village and also provides employment to many.”  Gary has not only been an important figure in our community, but in our work place as well.  He is typically the first to arrive in the morning and the last one to leave, and knows the character of our company better than most.

Gary – we cannot thank you enough for your hard work, dedication and expertise.

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