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Staying Safe at Home

By March 26, 2018 Safety Blog

This week’s Safety Monday Talk was brought to our staff by our Customer Service Representative, Abby!  Unlike our usual Monday morning discussions, today’s topic was quite simple:  safety at home is as important as safety at work.

Although we place heavy focus on workplace safety at BWS, we also consider the safety of each of our staff once they leave work for the day.  We encourage our team to use the same safety tips and precautions at home that they utilize in the work place!  After all, what happens at home can have a large impact on one’s work.

To help prove her point, Abby used the example of her sledding over the weekend.  To protect her head from injury, Abby chose to wear a helmet.

How do your decisions at home affect your work life?

Have a safe work week!


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