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It seems hard to believe that BWS started in the manor that it did, in the small village of Centreville, NB and has grown exponentially over time.

This was a single person operation in its inception, but no longer is that the truth. From small, humble beginnings in an effort to provide a service to the local area, Bernie’s Welding Shop was born. Burney McDougall started by making small custom projects for farm and forestry. Gradually, projects like outfitting trucks with plows and dump bodies came to the fruition.

Influx Of Projects

With this, a barrage or projects started to come to the, once small, company. Fleets, farmers and government looked to Burney’s to have their skilled laborers help to provide a solution to a challenge being posed in their day to day work life. In 1984, the name was amended to BWS Manufacturing Ltd. The factory was purchased from Burney McDougall by his son, Randall in 1993.

BWS has housed hundreds of projects for almost every sector of transportation industry over the last 50 years.

Looking Ahead

Throughout the company’s history, it has remained intuitive, innovative and willing to find the solutions to challenges others shy away from. BWS has stayed on top and growing through 50 years, proving the tag-line ‘Different by Design’, a mantra within the company. BWS strives to build products to go to work and stay at work. Quality and the willingness to evolve with a constantly changing environment has been instrumental in their success. When others say it can’t be done, BWS has said, “Let’s do it!” This attitude of innovation has been a giant catalyst for the BWS family and will propel them through the next 50 years.

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