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Our 4 newly re-designed models of hydraulic lowboys are packed with standard features and ridged design to ensure many years of heavy hauling and operator satisfaction.

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  • Overall length of 51 feet
  • Overall length of 102 inches
  • 3 axles 25,000 lbs capacity each with 75 ½ inch track and ¾ inch wall
  • Two ridewell RAR 260 25,000 lbs suspensions, one ridewell RAR 260 25,000 lbs wishbone suspension with 9 inch. ride height
  • Floor of 1 ½ inch apitong outside main beams, raised ¼ inch above flanges and open between mainbeams
  • Preparation for finish by steel shot blast, commercial/industrial topcoat, and oven baked
  • Our standard color is black

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