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This HDG model has been newly designed with farmers in mind.  The non RTAC feature offers greater flexibility for extended lengths in certain geographic areas, making the transportation of longer farm equipment possible.  Extended entry ramps at the front of the trailer allow for easy loading.  Our new HDG AGNR also features the popular aluminum pullout outriggers, weighing 12,500 lbs each. If you are in need of easy, flexible transportation, this may be the Ag trailer for you!

Models / Specs / Options


  • Overall length of 53 feet
  • Overall width of 102 inches
  • Floor of 1 1/8 inch shiplapped apitong/keruing outside on the main deck, and 1 1/8 inch shiplapped softwood between the beams
  • Two axles of 25,000 lb capacity each, with large inner/outer bath bearings and ¾ inch wall
  • Ridewell RAR 240 suspension, one wishbone and one underslung air ride, 25,000 lbs, with adjustable ride height
  • Preparation for finish by steel shot blast, commercial/industrial topcoat, and oven baked
  • Standard colour is black

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New Product: Live Bottom

New Product: Live Bottom

  After months of planning, engineering and manufacturing, we are thrilled to announce the release of our newest product:  our first ever BWS Live Bottom Trailer!  The decision to create our own version of this aggregate-transporting product arose from our customers’ needs, first and foremost.  Developed with the construction industry…

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